Welcome to the Psychology Life Centre

We as a personality and skills development centre highly believe that mental well being is one of the most important factors in life.

The specialty of Clinical Child Psychology has evolved with a core foundation in basic psychology, clinical psychology, developmental processes and the integration of research and practice. A defining feature of Clinical Child Psychology is the emphasis on understanding children from the perspective of both normal development and of psychopathology.

Particular attention is given to specialty-specific skills for working with such diverse populations and an appreciation for those cultural, ethnic and other diversity-related factors that must be considered in clinical practice.

Clinical Child Psychology is a specialty of professional pychology that brings together the basic tenets of clinical psychology with a thorough background in child, adolescent and family development and developmental psychopathology. Clinical child and adolescent psychologists conduct scientific research and provide psychological services to infants, toddlers, children and adolescents.

Our Values


We provide a non judgmental and confidential environment in which clients can engage the messiness of life with curiosity, perspective and creativity.

Meaningful Connection

We create a safe space where clients are seen and heard. We recognize the courage to engage in this connection.

Healthy Wholeness

We empower our clients to achieve holistic health; emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, and relational.

Championing Strengths

As one’s strengths, talents and hopes are uncovered and celebrated, clients are inspired and encouraged to live out change.

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